Zero Tech or Design Skills Needed 


For creating ultrafast (mobile) Landing Pages, Funnels, Quizzes, Checkouts and much more.


From $708-/year

$197,-  ONE-TIME FEE!

including 30-day money back guarantee!



No one believed the amazing features, fast loading speeds, and high conversion rates on FastPages: 

How does FastPages compare?



Did you know that slow pagespeed will kill your conversion rate by more than 25%? 


Speed of your Landing Pages is vital for growing your business regarding to Google. 


If you have a loading speed higher than 3 seconds, your conversion rate drops by a whopping 25%.


So, chances are you’re wasting money everyday. gives anyone the ability to quickly build ultra fast high-converting pages without having to hire outside help. 


(No coding knowledge is required to use

Never pay a monthly fee for a Landing Page builder again!


Check out our Lifetime Plans. No hidden fees or Upsells are there. You only have to pay once. 




Perfect for Startups


$708,- per year




50.000 pageviews 

3 domain names 

Publish UNLMIITED Pages

Publish UNLMIITED Quizzes

Publish UNLMIITED Checkouts

Including SSL certificates

All templates & widgets included


Perfect for SMEs


$1164,- per year 




100.000 pageviews 

15 domain names 

Publish UNLMIITED Pages

Publish UNLMIITED Quizzes

Publish UNLMIITED Checkouts

Including SSL certificates

All templates & widgets included


Perfect for big accounts


$2004,- per year




Unlimited pageviews 

Unlimited domain names 

Publish UNLMIITED Pages

Publish UNLMIITED Quizzes

Publish UNLMIITED Checkouts

 Including SSL certificates

All templates & widgets included

Quickly Create FastPages that Convert More with ZERO Tech or Design Skills!



Enable 3th-party integrations such as Google Analytics or embed your own code, forms, or anything you like.



Easily connect your pages to an exisiting WordPress-website, with just a single click. Choose your own slug.



Attach countdowns to your page to create urgency, which'll help triggering your visitors to do your desired action.



Forms can forward leads to other (marketing) services like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign and many more. 



Create beautiful forms for your pages to obtain leads and start interactingwith your potential customers.



We've created the most simple web-based editor that comes with dozens of options and tools to build your perfect page.



Graphs & tests prove that we're the fastest in the competition. No more frustrated visitors due to slow loading times.



Rather use your own domain? Sure! Simply connect it with a single DNS-record. We even provide you free SSL.



We help you to make sure your styling looks great, we synchronize your styling across your entire campaign.

Get better support from expert humans


You’d think paying a hefty monthly subscription would make it easy for you to get great live support from a company, but not every company makes that a priority. It's all too common for users to buy complex products and then find themselves alone in figuring out how to actually use them.


Some of them have Facebook communities or forums where you can ask their most helpful users to spend their own time helping you, but if no one's around, or you need someone to look inside your account to help you figure something out, you're on your own again.


We never want to leave our users feeling stuck that way, and we've built our business around making sure we never have to. When you need help figuring something out, our experts will be there to answer your questions. Real live humans are on hand to help figure it out step by step through live chat.

"I found it very quick and easy to learn. Very user-friendly. I love, love, love the real-time chat so if I get stuck on something I can get a quick response from an actual human and carry on with my work."


Steven Herks

Simple and clean templates to easily get you started.


After building several landingpages ourselves, we noticed how important clean design is for your conversion rate.

We hand-crafted the best, high converting templates to be successful. We're sharing our designs with you.


Your campaign will be popping-out, be unique and successful.

Not yet convinced? Test it yourself today!

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked, hassle free!


Questions? We got answers!

What do I get buying this deal?

After you bought the deal you will get an e-mail from us with the link to register and a unique coupon code. Fill in your coupon to claim your lifetime deal and start making fast converting pages for your brand.

How lifetime is lifetime?

With lifetime, we mean lifetime. Also whitin this deal we also ensure that future updates on our software are enabled for you. The only restrictions to this deal are the number of used sub-domains and the number of monthly pageviews. You can buy more deals to raise these numbers.

The deal is cheap, how can you offer such a cheap deal?

We are proud of our product and want to show the world what we have made. With this cheap deal we want to build a steady user base and gain more user insights to make our product even better now and in the future.

How can FastPages be so fast compared to others?

We've created a unique layer on our cloud infrastructure to guarantee the fastest pages. Together with Amazon CloudFront (a global CDN), compressed images and minified page sources, your page is lightning fast.

Can I get a SSL/HTTPS certificate for my campaign?

Yes, it's included in this deal! You're able to obtain an SSL-certificate for every domainname that has been connected to FastPages, with absolutely no costs.

Will I get access to future updates of FastPages?

Definitely! We will always make sure your account has access to the latest features and integrations.

Can I create a funnel or add multiple pages in a single project?

Absolutely! Every campaign can contain as many pages as needed, it's unlimited! With links and buttons, you're able to connect these pages together.

What happens if I exceed my monthly page views?

We will send you a notification by e-mail when 90% of your pageviews are reached. Then you can decide to upgrade. 

You offer a 30 day money back guarantee, how do i get this back after i have tested and found that the product did not fit my needs?

It is always possible that you have other needs than we provide. We get that! The 30 money back guarantee is easy you just send us an e-mail requesting a refund. We will process your refund and confirm your e-mail. No questions asked, no hard feelings.

Are the pages optimized for Google ranking?

Yes, our technical page structure is SEO-optimized for reaching the best possible ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo and bing.

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